Gambia Ramadan Appeal 2023

Nearly one billion people go to sleep hungry every night. During the blessed days of Ramadan it is a duty on Muslims to help the less fortunate. By the grace of Allah your support last Ramadan enabled us to feed thousands of poor and destitute people at Iftar time. Ihsan Global Relief will continue to help the most needy this Ramadan. This year, your help is especially important due to the impact the Covid pandemic has on the country.

Allah (swt) says, ‘Every good action is rewarded by ten times its kind, up to seven hundred times, except fasting, which is for Me, and I shall reward it.’-Hadith Qudsi: Tirmidhi

Feed the Poor Appeal

Ihsan Global Relief has launched an appeal to provide food parcels throughout Gambia, Turkiye and Pakistan during Ramadan 2023. Due to the recent earthquake in Turkiye and flood in Pakistan, communities have been hit hard. In Gambia where more than 70% of the population were living in poverty (pre-pandemic), the effect of the pandemic continues to bite.
The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) would give charity throughout the year but increase his sadaqah during Ramadan.
Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) said, “The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) was the most generous of people, and he was most generous during Ramadan.” (Bukhari)

Food Parcels

The Food parcels will be composed of:
  1. Rice:                             25kg
  2. Cooking Oil:                 10 litres
  3. Dates:                           25 packs
  4. Sugar:                           3 kg
  5. Lentils:                          3 kg
  6. Tea:                               3 kg
  7. Milk:                              10 litres
  8. Salt:                              1 Kg
  9. Biscuits (for kids):      2 packs

Cost of each Food Parcel: £50.00

Please donate your Zakat, Sadaqa, Zakat Ul Fitr and Fidya so we can help more people this year. Join us and help to make a lasting impact on those who need our support.

May Allah accept your fasting, worship and donations and fulfil your needs.

Donate Today

Please donate your zakat and sadaqah to Ihsan Global Relief to help the poor and needy this Ramadan.