Ambulance Project

IGR Ambulance Project

IGR are raising £7000* for an ambulance to provide emergency care and transport to the residents of the village. The service will benefit the entire village of 5000 residents.

The service will be free at the point of use for anyone who cannot afford payment. 

IGR have contacts on the ground and have arranged a management committee based in Layyah, Punjab  to manage the ambulance and provide payment to the driver.

About Layyah


Serving the district of Layyah (Punjab, Pakistan) and surrounding villages (will cover a radius of around 20 miles). Roads are very narrow and part-dirt track roads. Lots of people die as they are unable to get to hospital. 

Cost £7,000
The ambulance will consist of one bed and one seat in the rear. 
Locals will manage the ambulance and maintain it including paying for a driver. 



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