Ahlul Bayth Fund

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) placed great importance in respecting and loving the members of his household and their descendants. The ‘Ahlul Bayth’ are forbidden from receiving zakah or sadaqah. Many of them suffer financially but are still unable to receive any support as the majority of the donations that are raised by charities are from the zakat or sadaqa category which they are not eligible to receive.

Whoever lends a hand to the people of my family has a reward on the day of judgement.

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing upon him)

In another Hadith the Prophet (Peace be upon him) stated:

“I remind you (of your duties) to the members of my family”

Ihsan Global Relief has launched the Ahlul Bayth Fund to provide gifts to the descendants of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) by allocating funds for the Ahlul Bayth. Members of the Ahlul Bayth have been identified in many third world countries such as Pakistan, India and Algeria who will be provided with monthly support. This is an act of great virtue and something we are confident, will be a means of drawing us closer to the Prophet (Peace be upon him) in this world and in the hereafter.

Kindly support this worthy cause by making a one-off donation or by setting up a monthly standing order with Ihsan Global Relief. Please ensure to reference the standing order as “Ahlul Bayth Fund”.

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