Turkiye Appeal – Ramadan 2022

After more than 10 years of conflict, nearly 4 million Syrian people have arrived in Turkiye, as well as over 300,000 refugees who have arrived from Afghanistan. The influx of refugees as well as the Covid pandemic has increased pressure on the local populations leading to more than 150,000 households in Istanbul dependent on humanitarian aid. Furthermore, with the rise of inflation, it has made the plight of the refugees alongside the locals much worse. 

Ihsan Global Relief has launched an emergency appeal to provide food parcels to the needy in Gaziosmanpasa, Istanbul.  We have teams on the ground now aiming to distribute food parcels during the blessed month of Ramadan.

Each food parcel which will be enough to feed a family of 5 for two weeks will contain:

1kg Rice,
1kg flour,
1kg Bulgur,
1ltr Sunflower Oil,
500g Pasta,
750g Sugar,
750g Salt,
51g Chicken Soup,
60g Chicken Bouillon,
500g Tea,
830g Tomato Paste,
1ltr Soft Drink,
100g chocolate pudding.

The cost of each food pack is £10

The Prophet (peace be upon him) encouraged us to feed others during Ramadan by saying:

He who breaks another’s fast earns the same reward as the one who fasted, without diminishing the latter’s reward in the slightest

Hadith, Tirmidhi

Please donate generously this Ramadan.

Registered Charity Number:1147907