Ramadan Campaign

This year, Ihsan Global Relief is helping those in need in Gambia and Turkiye. Please kindly donate your Zakat, Sadaqah, Zakat-Ul-Fitr, Fidiyah and Kaffarah to Ihsan Global Relief this Ramadan. Remember, we have a 100% Donation Policy.

Gambia Ramadan Appeal

Nearly one billion people go to sleep hungry every night. During the blessed days of Ramadan it is a duty on Muslims to help the less fortunate. By the grace of Allah your support last Ramadan enabled us to feed thousands of poor and destitute people at Iftar time. Ihsan Global Relief will continue to help the most needy this Ramadan. This year, your help is especially important due to the impact the Covid pandemic has on the country.

Turkiye Ramadan Appeal

After more than 10 years of conflict, nearly 4 million Syrian people have arrived in Turkiye, as well as over 300,000 refugees who have arrived from Afghanistan. The influx of refugees as well as the Covid pandemic has increased pressure on the local populations leading to more than 150,000 households in Istanbul dependent on humanitarian aid. Furthermore, with the rise of inflation, it has made the plight of the refugees alongside the locals much worse. 

Ramadan 2021

Thank you for your kind donations in our Ramadan 2021 campaign. We have worked with a local charity in Gambia to distribute food packages. Please see the following video to see how your donation have helped those on the ground. May Allah accept your donation and kindly donate to our 2022 campaigns.

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