Giving Qurbani to the Poor


The Qurbani or udhhiya is the sacrifice which is made during the Days of Sacrifice – from the first day of Eid ul-Adha, i.e. 10th Day of Dhul Hijjah, until the last day – the end (i.e. sunset) of the 12th of Dhul Hijjah. It is preferable to do the sacrifice on the first day.

It’s a commemoration of the complete submission of Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be Upon Him) in obeying Allah to sacrifice his son, Ismael. However, after Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be Upon Him) completely surrendered to Allah’s will, Allah replaced his son with a ram.

Qurbani is obligatory on every sane, mature Muslim who possesses the nisab and who has come upon the Day of Sacrifice of Eid.

Many Muslims will face Eid-ul-Adha malnourished. With your help, we can change this. Donate your Qurbani to Ihsan Global Relief so we can feed some of the world’s poorest families in Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

At the time of the sacrifice the name of the donor as well as the name of their father will be mentioned and a special dua will be made so that Allah (swt) accepts their sacrifice and then the meat will be distributed to the families.

    Please state how many Qurbanis you want and the names with commas between each name.

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    Gambia - 1 portion Cow - £60 Quantity:

    Gambia - 1 Sheep - £125 Quantity:

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